Sunrise Boulder Proposal | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Jennifer + Shawn

When we first moved to Colorado I wanted to set up a few shoots to see what the Denver scenery was like and through another friend I met Jennifer and Shawn. I was so excited for their shoot because we were doing sunrise at an epic mountain top in Boulder! But my excitement level went through the roof when I got a text from Shawn the night before that said, oh by the way I’m going to propose tomorrow during the shoot. *insert shocked emoji times a million* AHHHH I love love love doing surprise proposals, but the anticipation before hand literally almost kills me! I get so nervous, but every time it is so magical <3

Shawn and I didn’t really have a code or plan to let each other know when it was going down, so I found an epic spot on this gorgeous mountain top where the sun just started to peak through the sky and just kept reiterating how amazing this spot was hahaha! I think he got the hint ;)

Jennifer was so so shocked because she thought it was going to happen on their lake trip the following weekend. When the other person is totally shocked it makes the whole thing a million times better :) We adventured around the mountain in Boulder basking in the beautiful sunrise lighting and it couldn’t have been more perfect. So happy for these two!!