The little ones

Oh these precious little ones :) It's amazing at just one years old babies can have such personalities and how different each of them are. I had a blast doing these little sessions! It is so important to capture them at these ages because time flies faster than we know it, so if you haven't done a recent family picture of just pictures of the kids give me a call and we'll set something up! I tell you what little mis Cayden just might be one of the funniest babies I've ever met and it doesn't surprise me either :) She sure does take after her mom and dad!

Oh Jaycee was too cute! At first she was pretty shy and didn't want to do much, but as soon as we put some music on she was dancing away :)

Last but certainly not least is Myum :) It was tough just getting her to stay still and when we made she sit she would just growl at us! Now I've watch her grow up and like I mentioned before time sure does fly!