Planning can get overwhelming and stressful very quickly. There is so much to do and so many little details to handle. But I’m here to help! I have been in your exact shoes freaking about how time is flying by and the to-do list just keeps growing. I started a blog series called Wedding Tip Tuesdays just to help my couples out. Definitely check that out HERE: 

- One of the first step in wedding planning is create a list of tasks that need to get done and then set realistic due dates for all of those things. Maybe you have a really busy spring, but in the summer you’re not that busy so you put the bulk of thing during that time. Make sure it works for YOU! Here is a general outline of when to do things:

- The next thing I would do is create a priorities list. For example I knew photography and videography were right at the top of my list and flowers was towards the bottom. Creating a list will also help you when you are creating a budget. 

- Create a budget. Whether you have $5000 to spend or $50,000 it is important to know how much you are allocating towards each area. Always create cushion as well because it’s easy to have extra money at the end rather than be short when you are trying to pay your vendors. 

- Now is a little bit of the fun part! Finding your vision and dream :) Do you want a summer wedding with sunflowers and bright colors or were you dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding? Your vision may guide the date you are wanting and your vendors. Maybe you want to go untraditional! Here is a post about forgetting the rules and traditions and dealing with family backlash:

- Choosing your date and vendors is next up. If you have a specific vendor in mind and you’re wedding can’t go on without them then it’s best to be flexible with your date. Some venues and photographers book up to a year and a half in advance! Being flexible with your date will ensure you can have your dream vendors that you put at the top of your priorities list. If you are unsure about the cost of certain vendors like a DJ the first thing I would do is ask around some friends, see what they spent on them. If none of your friends have gotten married recently then email 3-5 vendors and get their pricing. Check out this post for more info about choosing vendors:

- Now you’ve gotten into your wedding groove and it’s time to make all these things happen. You’ve already set realistic due dates for things and I recommend writing them in your planner or in your calendar so that you can be alerted of them. You can even give them to a family or friend to help hold you accountable. The program I used is Trello. They even had wedding boards already set up and I just customized it to fit my schedule! Here is one: and another:

- When we first got engaged everyone and their mom had an opinion and advice for me to plan our wedding. It’s difficult for me to say no to people so when they were throwing out ideas that I didn’t like or already had a plan in mind I didn’t know what to say. But they are just excited for you and trying to help :) I learned to just say thanks for the idea, I’ll keep that in mind. That way everyone is happen and you can still do what you want!