The wedding is over and you’re finally husband and wife! Within a few days I’ll share some sneak peeks on social media so you can update those profile photos and change your wallpaper ;) Within 2 weeks I’ll post lots more favorites on the blog and send you the photos so you can use the high-resolution files right away. 

Within 8 weeks you’ll get to see the images! The best way to showcase the images, and most fun way, is to have a Reveal Party. At a Reveal Party, I put together a highlight slideshow of the wedding. I will take the day’s best photos and set them to music. I have found these to be super fun, especially if you want to get your family and friends together for the evening. It ends up being a great time of reliving and sharing memories from the wedding day and everyone ends up having a fantastic time. 

It is also a perfect time for you or any family members to order any products. I think it is important to print your images because in our generation photos live on the internet and never get printed, but your photos deserve to be printed for all your family and future generations to see! I’ll bring lots of samples so you can see and feel the products I offer. I only offer top quality professional products that will last a lifetime :) 

In my pricing guide you’ll see the al la carte pricing, but at the Reveal Party you’ll get amazing savings for up to 24 hours after the Reveal Party! All product orders can be put on a payment plan for up to 12 months so you don’t have the stress of paying for things all at once. 

After the Reveal Party you’ll get the full gallery of images! In today’s digital age I know is it super important for my couples to have their digital files, that’s why all my couples receive their digital files. They are delivered via a beautiful online gallery that stores them for 1 year and I send a reminder email 1 month prior to the expiration date so you’ll never get any surprises. 

Will digital files comes the archiving of them. Once you receive your online gallery is is important to dowload your images and properly archive them to enjoy for years to come. I recommend storing them in 2-3 places. My go to set up is below:

1. Store on computer desktop

2. Back up to an online storage location like Dropbox

3. Put on an external hard drive or USB and keep at a separate location EX: parent’s house



The honeymoon and celebrations are over and as much as we would all like to live in wedding bliss forever we have to face reality and do all the things “married” people have to do and get started on that newlywed checklist. If you’re like me and wondering well where do we even start don’t fear I’ve got some help ;)

Whether it’s changing your last name, going to the DMV or writing a million thank you cards, knowing where to start makes the entire process less of a chore! I loved this newlywed checklist infographic from US Tax Center that lays out everything you need to do and makes it so simple. I know I’ve been dreading some of these things like changing my name, so when I got this I was beyond excited. And I would have never thought about some of those tax issues either!