Thailand Honeymoon | #andyandbrookegethitched

This blog post is extra long about our total Thailand Honeymoon!

I haven’t touched or even looked at these photos in months and now when I look back at them it seems like a surreal experience! Thailand consisted of: 3 Provinces 11 Plane Rides (with almost 11 delays...) Elephants, Temples, Tigers, Boat Rides, Hiking, Weird Food, Snorkling, Scooter Rides, Zip Lining, and Lots of Walking.

We had such an amazing trip filled with some great times and some not some times where the only thing we can do it laugh. Our best friends Cash and Cierra came with us and a lot of people thought we were crazy for 1. going to Thailand on our honeymoon and 2. having our friends tag along on our honeymoon. But for us we wouldn't have had it any other way. This was such an incredible experience and we are so thankful they got to come along and experience it with us!

We landed in Bangkok on Christmas Eve and the airport was it was a little freaky how no one was around. But we managed to catch a ride to our place and yes we got ripped off lol but it wouldn't be a true Thailand trip if you didn't. And frankly after traveling 24 hours we just wanted to get to our place. Bangkok was everything you think Thailand my opinion. There are street vendors everywhere, the tuk tuk drivers are crazy, people pile on scooters like they are mini vans, temples galore, things are cheap, things move fast, and humidity is not the same as dry heat. We were only there for about 3 days and it was a perfect amount for us.

Our next spot was Chiang Mai and I think it might have been all of our favorites, at least it was for me. It was the perfect mix between the busy city and relaxed island life. And they had Uber so we saved a ton of money! I think Bangkok did too, but everyone told us they didn't and I think it was so we would pay more for taxis and tuk tuks. We did a self guided walking tour and saw more temples than I thought was possible. Literally they are on every corner! And the first day we found this awesome little night market place with live music, a ton of different food vendors and massages...we may or may not have went back every night we were in Chiang Mai ;)

Chiang Mai is where we also pet tigers, which was cool but the animals made me sad...they say since they are brought up in that environment they are used to being pet all the time and that they don't sedate them...but I'm not sure I entirely believe that.

Doing an elephant experience was top on my list of Thailand experiences and it didn't disappoint. For this one I made sure it was a humane experience and the elephants are treated top of the line. We changed into these outfits that I loved, but we definitely not built for large American men (Jose and Cash haha) and got straight to washing and cutting cucumbers and sugar cane. We fed them and it was amazing watching how many cucumbers they could roll on their trunk and put in their mouths! Then we got to walk with them and finally get in the water with them. They absolutely loved it! The little ones would go totally under and if you weren't careful they would just roll right over you. For sure a highlight of the trip.

One day walking around we found this 3D art museum and I think we took way to many photos in there, but it was so funny!

Zip lining was a total blast! It was such a beautiful way to see the views of Chiang Mai. Jose does NOT like heights, so it was a bit of a push to get him to go, but he was so glad he did it after :) All the guides were hilarious and were always playing tricks on us, which was fun, but also terrifying haha. 

After Chiang Mai we were off to our final destination of Krabi. Krabi was full of quite the adventures! We only did a few main things because here is where it seemed our bad luck hit its peak haha. We decided to rent scooters after seeing it done for the past week or so and we were off to a great start! We didn't pull into the wrong side of the road. No one crashed. And we didn't get lost! But we did blow a tire about 10 minutes into our ride. No cell signal. No one to call. But our saving grace came, the police! We loaded the scooter into the back of the truck and they gave us a lift to a scooter repair shop...and fixed our tire in about 10 minutes for $ can't beat that right?! We were off again and headed to our hike that so many people recommended. And it was a hike indeed. It was hot and humid as we started the trek up, but that quickly changed as it started torrential down pour of rain along with the wind. I went from sweating everywhere to having the chills and being soaked head to toe. It was all worth it once we reached the top and had the most incredible views. Once again Jose is afraid of heights so he was no where near the edge lol. It took us about 5 hours round trip and was one of the hardest hikes of my life! 

That night I ended up getting some kind of food poisoning/stomach flu. I won't go into great details, but let's just say that I didn't stray too far from the bathroom the entire night. It pretty much took me out of commission the whole next day, but we did manage to make it to this really awesome show that showed off the traditional Thai culture and dance. 

The last main excursion that we took was a sunset boat cruise. It was really windy, so we couldn't go to all the spots we were supposed to, but we still had a great time exploring the ocean more. 

After writing this blog post I am extremely nostalgic and can't wait for our next adventure! Anyone that is traveling and just wants the trip documented, hit me up and we can work something out...think of it as having your own personal photographer for the trip or day ;) 

I started creating our video recap too, but figured I could start off with the photos!