How to Make Your Wedding About YOU and NOT the Photos | Documentary Wedding Photography


Your wedding day is not about the photos. Let’s repeat that again. Your wedding day is not about the photos.

I know as someone who makes their career photographing weddings it sounds crazy. But hear me out.

Wedding: a ceremony where two people are united in marriage.

Your wedding day is about your marriage and celebrating your love with the people you choose to spend it with and that looks different for everyone. And guess what? That is totally okay! (If you missed my previous post about a photography retreat that changed my life, check it out.) We have created a culture that says your wedding has to look a certain way in order for it to matter or look beautiful and I’m here to tell you- don’t believe that crap. Your wedding is beautiful no matter where it is, what the flowers look like, if your wedding party has equal number of people on each side, if you serve tacos for dinner, if you get married in the morning, and so many other things. Do you know why? Because YOUR story is beautiful and unique. There is no one out there that has your exact same love story and relationship and to me that is so incredibly special.

While we were at the retreat we did an exercise- on the count of three we all said our childhood phone numbers out loud and then were asked what immediately came to mind. For me I was jolted back to our kitchen where the phone sat in the corner next to the sink and I used to have to jump up on the counter to reach the phone. We were one number off from the local car dealership and I remember many times answering and replying, “No, there number is 5401”.

The point being is you’ll always have your memories from your wedding day. Those will always be tucked away in your mind. The photographs are just tangible items that help bring you back to those moments.


Are you ready to make your wedding day about you and not the photos?

The first step is to ask yourselves- how do you as a couple envision your day going and what do you guys want to spend your time doing? Most likely no one has ever asked you that question, but it is one of the most important things you should ask yourselves.

Next is to think about who is most important to you and what relationships do you value the most? That will help you with the first question as well! If you want to spend more time with your friends from college maybe have them hang out while you get ready. If your God Parents were a huge part of your life have them come to family photos, so you can chat with them. If you really want to get ready as a couple instead of separately to spend more time together- you can do that! I’m giving you the permission to create a wedding that is what you want and releasing you from any of that added expectation and pressure.

If you are interested in making your day about your love story and celebrating your marriage, let’s connect! I am here to serve you and help you create a wedding day that makes sense for you. One that is something you truly want to do, allows time for things to breathe, moments to happen, and for you to be truly present in those moments. Because those moments and relationships are the things that truly matter.