Underwater Adventure in Hawaii Ocean | Hawaii Wedding Photographer | Cash + Cierra

We’ve come to the final piece of the Hawaii puzzle and it might just be my favorite. It was our last shoot and it was so chill and relaxed. They were pros at this point because we already did two shoots that day :) The other two shoots Cierra had planned and had ideas for, but this last one was just for fun and I think that’s what made it so cool was there was no pressure!

If you are a little behind make sure you check out Part 1 - The Sunrise and Part 2 - The Epic Waterfall…seriously is was unbelievable.

They rented a Jeep and it was almost identical to their’s back home, so naturally we had to do some photos with it :) We were in a bit of a time crunch so we ended up pulling up to a random drug store parking lot, but it had great palm trees! So always trust your photographer even if their ideas seem crazy :) 

From there we headed to the beach and frolicked around. Literally. We ran around the ocean and they got pelted by waves (so hilarious!), rolled around in the sand and watched a beautiful Hawaii sunset. I loved everything about this session because it was adventurous, carefree and was something different for me!

Currently taking all invites to awesome vacations to be an epic third wheel :)