Arizona Summer Proposal Photos | Phoenix Wedding Photographer | Stephanie + Benjamin

It seems that this year is the year of surprise proposals. This was my third one in two months and every time my nerves are through the roof haha! If you haven’t seen the other two surprise engagements check out Cash + Cierra and Shawn + Jennifer both of those happened in Colorado, so I was excited to head back to Arizona for this one.

Stephanie is one of my oldest friends and when Ben reach out about the proposal there was no way I was going to miss it. We got to planning and I flew out the morning of and had my mom and sister pick me up. First stop was breakfast at the one and only Nami in Downtown Phoenix and then Hobby Lobby to pick up some supplies. This was one of the trickier proposals because Ben had never been to the location before and trying to tell him details without Stephanie noticing was quite the task! He even went as far as changing my name in his phone so she wouldn’t get suspicious haha!

But once they arrived and came around the corner she knew what was happening and it so special to watch! We planned the proposal in the morning, so they could go to lunch with her family and then we did some engagement photos during sunset around Canyon Lake, which has become one of my favorite spots in Arizona. I hadn’t got to spend a lot of time with Ben, so it was tons of fun to hang out together and get to see their love!