Kauai Vow Renewal | Intimate Hawaii Wedding | Cori + Brian

The reason Cash + Cierra's proposal was on a deadline is because they were going to Hawaii at the end of June and she really wanted engagement photos done there (more of those to come)! They were going for a vow renewal and since I was already there I did a few photos and a little video of the day :) 

Cori and Brian are some of the best people you'll meet. There are so kind and freakin hilarious. They eloped in Vegas 10 years ago and they made a promise to each other that on their 10 year anniversary they would have an intimate ceremony with their kids, immediate family and friends. Each year they would remind one another of that promise and fast forward 10 years later they had the most perfect vow renewal during sunset on a beautiful Kauai beach in Hawaii. It was so magical and the joy that radiated off of them was contagious. 

Cori + Brian thank you for letting me be a part of your special day and include me in the family vacay ;)  Here's to another 10 years!