Spring Wedding at The Gather Estate | Valerie + Connor

Spring Wedding Photos at The Gather Estate in Gilbert, Arizona. 

Sometimes when I meet with couples it’s a 1+ year till their wedding date and I always tell them that time will fly by. When I met with Connor + Valerie I remember them being on the fence about moving in together prior to the wedding and that it was difficult for them to travel back and forth to each other and they still have over a year till their wedding, when they would move in together. I shared our experience of moving out separately from each other before our wedding because that was right for us and now when I look back at that time period those 6 months literally feel like 2 days thinking about that now! But it’s funny how time works. When you are looking toward the future it seems like time is never going to come, but when you look at the past time seems to go by in a flash. 

They opted to keep living apart and make the transition after the wedding and it was so fun seeing their posts about finding their future apartment and now after the wedding seeing them build their first home together. Valerie and Connor are absolute sweethearts and between their vision of their marriage and their vows these two are gonna be alright :) 

I couldn’t imagine spending my birthday with any other couple (yes I worked on my birthday :) and I’m so happy I got to capture their first memories as husband and wife.