Engagement Photos at Scottsdale Civic Center | Valerie + Connor

Have you ever had the experience meeting someone and you just know that your paths were meant to collide? That’s how I felt with Valerie and Connor when I met them to talk about their wedding. And their wedding is on my birthday…who needs more of a sign than that?! I know many people probably wonder why I would willing work on my birthday when I can easily choose not to, but I love that I can choose to spend my birthday surrounded by happiness and love. Being around two people that are crazy in love and committing themselves to each other forever is a pretty good way to spend a birthday :)

They choose to take their Engagement Photos at Scottsdale Civic Center and it’s such a cute little location that makes you forget you live in the Arizona Desert. It has lots of cool colors and the most perfect green grass. Seriously every time I have been there the grass is always in amazing condition! Valerie actually runs her own blog where she shares her journey while wedding planning and bits of decor, fashion, personal stories, and beauty tips. She wrote a beautiful post about her experience from taking their Engagement Photos at Scottsdale Civic Center and when I first read it I started to tear up because it’s exactly how I want all of my couples to feel during their sessions. You are read her post here:  http://mintobebride.weebly.com/blog/engagement-photos-our-experience-tips

So thankful to have amazing client like Valerie + Connor for allowing me to take their Engagement Photos at Scottsdale Civci Center! 



Brooke Martinez