We're Married!! | Part 2 | #andyandbrookegethitched

We are continuing our wedding recap part 2! I left you with us just finishing our ceremony and if you missed part one read that here :)

We headed to cocktail hour and that was something that was important to me. I wanted us to attend cocktail hour to be able to talk and enjoy time with our guests and having an early ceremony allowed that to happen. But one of the things I was most excited about what our sunset photos...I mean I'm a photographer so I love sunset time :) One of my favorite things about our photographer Scotty is that he doesn't pose us, he creates moments for us to be ourselves and he truly has a gift for it. I never felt like I was taking pictures. I felt like I was getting to love up on my husband and Scotty was just there guiding us. And that is a powerful skill to have :)

Everyone who knows Andy knows he is terrified of heights and when we scoped out this spot he said, 'You're going to climb this in your wedding dress?' and if you could guess my response was, 'You bet your ass I am!' Anything for the photo right ;) But it wasn't really a hike more of like a two minute uphill walk, so don't worry everyone, we weren't scaling mountains. But at one point I was on the edge twirling around and Jose literally couldn't watch LOL! We all made it out alive and we have some AH-MAZING photos to show for it :)

As soon as we got back we got the party started and it couldn't have been any better. All of our family and friends dancing, smiling, laughing and having a good time :) The desserts were amazing, all of my favorites made by my mom and grandma. The cake was funfetti and tasted like a party in your mouth. The music kept everyone going and it was seriously a dream come true.

You would think that after almost nine years together that it wouldn't be as special or it would just feel "the same", but I have never loved this man more in my entire life than I do right now. Call it post-wedding bliss or the honeymoon stage, but I call it true love and we're so blessed to have found it with each other.


Now for the thank you's :)

Andy's mom - thank you for the rehearsal dinner and feeding us all throughout the weekend and for your continued love and support

Nana and Tata Martinez - thank you for always setting the example of what it means to have a beautiful catholic marriage and for everything you do and continue to do for us

Mom - you were pretty much my coordinator and you did so much of the pre-wedding work that this day wouldn't have been possible without you

Blair - thank you for all our love and help throughout our entire lives and the wedding

Dad and Antoinette - Antoinette thank you for organizing the boys and helping set up the reception it was more than I could have hoped for. To the both of you thank you for everything that you do for us including letting me move back home with our two cats it will forever be one of my favorite memories

Steph - our day wouldn't have ran as smooth as it did and I'm so grateful for your love and help. I don't know what I would do without you

Hannah, Karen and Brooke - my glam squad, thank you all for making the drive up and making us all feel fabulous

Scotty and Buck - you have provided us with memories that are irreplaceable and you helped make our day run smooth and effortless

Jen - you stepped up as our videographer and did an amazing job so thank you for giving us something so incredibly special

Siftbakehouse - our cake was to die for and we will be reaching out for a replacement ;)

Gustavo from Ray the DJ - you made our party happen and kept everyone on the dance floor

Staff from El Rincon - you guys went above and beyond to make sure our guests and us were happy and it was all perfect

Grace Styled and Bridal - my dress was everything I dreamed of and I felt like a total princess

My past and future couples - all our messages and well wishes have meant the world to me and I'm so lucky to be a part of your weddings. You all make my heart so happy

To all of our family and friends and to anyone not listed above- we can't thank you enough for being apart of our day and celebrating our love. We are beyond blessed to have you all in our lives

Vendor Info Make Up: Makeup by Brooke Nicole  Hair: Hannah Hintz & Karen Deitering Wedding Dress: Grace Style & Bridal Groom Attire: Men’s Warehouse Wedding Cake: Sift Bakehouse  Catering: El Rincon Restaurant  Officiant: St. John Vianney Catholic Church DJ: Ray the DJ (Guestavo)  Florist: Afloral Photographer: Scott English Photo