We're Married!! | Part 1 | #andyandbrookegethitched

WE'RE MARRIED! When I get on Facebook and see my new name it just puts a smile on my face :) I always felt a part of Andy, but now with something as simple as a last name, it makes me feel so complete. I'm going to run through our day for those of you that are interested, but more so for me because I want to lock in these memories forever :)

I was anxious all week. Not nervous, just anxious that the time had finally come. As soon as we finished the rehearsal it's like all the stress and anxious-ness what gone. We had dinner with our family and close friends and ended the night playing Cards Against Humanity and the most intense game of Jenga ever. We laughed with our friends and it was the best last night as a single lady :)

I thought for sure the morning of I was going to be a bundle of nerves, but I wasn't...not even a little bit! We finished hair and makeup and started to get the dress on..which wasn't as glamorous at it seems at times and ended with a broken clasp ;) It wasn't until I was fully ready, standing by myself with everyone looking at me that the water works started to come...and quick haha! It was in that moment that I fully realized I was getting married and getting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. After that I was READY to see my Jose because he makes me feel so calm and at peace.

Those of you that don't do first looks, I don't know how you manage to make it to the ceremony without exploding LOL!

I turned the corner and saw Jose standing there in his handsome black suit and the tears came again and when he turned around my heart has never felt so full. Full of happiness and joy. Full of relief and calmness. And full of excitement and  love. We held each other and recited our vows and it was so perfect. We didn't have 100 eyes watching us and the outside world was totally gone. It was more than I could have ever imagined. And did you see him in his suit?! He looked so handsome :)

After that we went to freshen up (AKA re-apply all the make up I cried off) and grab our family for photos. We turned the corner and there they were, all together looking at us and smiling. In that moment I told Andy that this day is exactly how I envisioned it. Us together with our family and friends and everyone just happy :)

Now if you were at the wedding you know what comes next for the ceremony, but for those of you that weren't I'll go ahead and elaborate. During rehearsal, the church coordinator was very adamant that it will start on time and father will be walking down the aisle at 2pm. In my mind I'm thinking perfect, I hate running late! But by around 1:59pm I knew something was up. My dad and I are stilling in the back and not so much sitting as pacing around because we both can't sit still and we got the news. Aparently, there was some miscommunication and father was not there as instead, he was an hour and a half away. But the Deacon was there and my first response was, 'Well can you marry us?' and he said yes and the show was back on. The coordinator had told Andy the same thing and his response was the exact same as mine. Can you tell all we really wanted to do was get married :) Now what that means since Father couldn't be there is that we couldn't have a traditional mass meaning we couldn't take communion. Of course, we were bummed out, but what is getting upset and stressed out going to do? It's not going to make the situation better. It's not going to make Father magically appear. So we chose to go with the more positive approach and just go with the flow.

Our ceremony was perfectly imperfect. The Deacon was a little nervous, but we got to say the traditional vows, exchange rings, take our first steps as husband and wife, and sign our marriage license in the Catholic Church...I call that a win in my book :)

scottenglish.photography for the amazing photos!

Stay tuned for part two next week :)