Post Wedding Desert Bridals | Cami + Justin

Totally in love with Cami + Justin's post wedding desert bridals! If you follow Cami you've probably seen photos from me and from Trisha Shelley Photography and you're probably wondering what the deal is ;) Being a wedding photographer my schedule fills up pretty far in advance and my October filled up really fast! So when Cami + Justin got engaged this spring I was ecstatic for them and then when they told me they were planning an October wedding my heart dropped because I was completely booked up. I told Cami to trust me and we found another amazing photographer, Trisha!

She shared more from their wedding on her blog earlier this week and I'm just totally in love!

Cami loved the idea of doing post wedding bridals and it was the perfect way to include me in their wedding journey :) So we headed out to the Boulders in Florence for some post wedding desert bridals! It was the perfect light, location, and couple...I don't these two can take a bad photo ;) I have to give it to Justin for trooping through so many sessions. They did engagement photos with me and Trisha then had their wedding and then the next day did more photos with me! It's pretty much every girl's dream,  but not so much for the gentlemen :)

Thank you guys for allowing me to capture a little piece of your love <3 Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a little video :)