Country Ranch Wedding | Kody + Dustin

Through the rain and unpredictable weather Kody + Dustin's country ranch wedding was simply perfect :) When I took their engagement photos last year at Dustin's family ranch I was in love! But them Kody told me they were actually having the wedding down there I fell even more in love! Kody and all of her girls looked stunning! I loved the mix of colors and pattern and I hope this wedding trend is here to stay :) When we headed off to the ceremony the rain started to fall, but that didn't phase Kody at all. She knew either way the day was going to be beautiful because she was marrying her best friend and you really can't ask for more than that. The rained cleared a bit just enough for us to get bridesmaids photos and then it started coming down again! But then it cleared up right in time for their ceremony and portraits. Seriously guys it couldn't have been better timing.

Since we had stormy clouds I prayed for a beautiful sunset and man did we get it! Kody + Dustin could have been on the cover of a magazine! One of my favorite things from the wedding was Kody's DIY horse trailer bar. First off who thinks of something like that?? Apparently, Kody and she pulled it off so well, it was so cute! They celebrated the night away with their friends and family under the barn and it was the perfect ending to a country ranch wedding :)