Arizona Sunset Engagement | Kirstin + Jason

So excited to share this more of these Arizona sunset engagement photos! Kirstin and Jason are getting married at the end of November and I love when couples create a wedding that fits their style. These two are having their ceremony at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort and then doing a backyard BBQ style reception with fun?! Even better is they are getting married on their 11th year anniversary <3 For fellow long term relationship-ers (yes I just made that up) I just love the idea of getting to commit to each other forever on the day where it all started. In typical Arizona fashion, it started raining as I was leaving my house, but Kirstin and Jason were ready rain or shine and I loved their attitude and am so thankful we stuck it out. When we arrived it was barely sprinkling, but I just had a feeling in my gut that they sun was going to come out for us and it did! We had one of the most beautiful and vibrant sunsets I've ever was seriously perfect. Easily one of my favorite reason why I love living in here is creating stunning Arizona sunset engagement photos for beautiful couples :)

Thank you guys for being down for whatever and even getting in the water with no hesitation!