Our First Home | #andyandbrookegethitched


Well, I believe a personal post is long overdue, so here I am wrapping up a late night of work reflecting on the past couple of months and thinking about what lies ahead in these next couple of months :) The first big news is we have our first home we are going to be living in after we are married!! If you follow me on Snapchat (@brookemarcella2) you've seen some behind the scenes lately of lots of paint and home projects, but not too many details. We are so fortunate enough to have my grandma and grandpa who own a house in Florence and are letting us rent it for a little cash. This will help us save some money. So for all of you who love having us back in town don't worry we'll be here for another couple years! ;) Eventually, we want to make it back up to Tempe, but right now this is what makes sense for us.

With an old house comes work...and lots of paint. I have dreamed of white walls since we lived in our off-white, yellow, eggshell apartment in Tempe. Seriously why was that ever a popular color choice?! And I am elated to say we have clean white walls! It only took 12 paint sticks and 7 samples of paint, but I picked the right one and I couldn't be happier. Photos to come soon when we have it a little more "home" like :) For the most part things are done, but it still looks a little like a work zone.

Me and the kitties are officially moved into our first home and Andy will join us post-wedding..we can't wait! We shared our first meal a couple weeks ago in our future home. We ate pizza on the floor with all of our paint supplies and talked about how fast time is flying by. In just one month we'll get to live in this house as husband and wife as Mr. and Mrs. Martinez. Can you guys tell I'm just a little excited for that? ;)

Dinner in our first home after we get married!

Be sure to stay tuned for next weeks post!

The most popular question we get: How is it living apart after living together for so long?