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What Do I Do with My Photos
What Do I Do with My Photos

Ok the wedding is over, you've completed the newlywed checklist and you've gotten your beautiful photos! You may be asking yourself what do I do with my photos after the wedding? And I'm not talking about sending them to family and friends or posting them on social media. I'm talking about long term for you and future generations to enjoy.

All my clients receive their digital images and you may be thinking well I have them on my computer so we should be all good. Wrong. Technology isn't forever and computers fail! So my first step and recommendation is to print your photos. I mean did you really spend all that money on your wedding and your photographer so they could live on the internet? No you spend that money to have a document beautiful day so you can display the photos and remember each and every day how incredibly in love you are with each other! Whether you order a custom heirloom album or professional quality prints through me you need to print your gorgeous faces ;)

The next step is storing the digital files long term. I recommend keeping them in three separate locations, that way if one of them fails, gets lost or deleted you still have two other copies. Here is my go-to set up :)

  1. Save to computer
  2. Back up to online storage like Dropbox
  3. Save to USB or external hard drive and keep at a separate location like parent's house or work

Every couple years you want to test the medium and make sure that 1. it is working and 2. that it is current with today's technology. For example, you could put it on a CD, but they are soon becoming obsolete.

So if you're asking yourself, what do I do with my photos after the wedding? Check this out and don't be one of those people where their photos live on social media ;)