Newlywed Checklist | Wedding Tip Tuesday


The wedding is over and you're finally husband and wife! The honeymoon and celebrations are over and as much as we would all like to live in wedding bliss forever we have to face reality and do all the things "married" people have to do and get started on that newlywed checklist. If you're like me and wondering well where do we even start don't fear I've got some help ;) Whether it’s changing your last name, going to the DMV or writing a million thank you cards, knowing where to start makes the entire process less of a chore! I loved this newlywed checklist infographic from US Tax Center that lays out everything you need to do and makes it so simple. I know I've been dreading some of these things like changing my name, so when I got this I was beyond excited. And I would have never thought about some of those tax issues either!

Do you have any tips for newlyweds to make the process easier? I've love to hear them, comment below!



Newlywed Checklist on what to do after the wedding!
Newlywed Checklist on what to do after the wedding!