4 Tips to Enjoy your Wedding Day | Wedding Tip Tuesday

4 Tips to Enjoy your Wedding Day | Wedding Tip Tuesday
4 Tips to Enjoy your Wedding Day | Wedding Tip Tuesday

You've spent months and sometimes years planning your wedding and you want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. Sometimes couples, family and friends spend so much time making everything perfect that they don't actually get to enjoy the day. I'm sharing 4 tips on how to enjoy your wedding day because it will be over before you know it!

#1. Don't put things off until the last minute. Procrastinating tasks only make them harder because you now have that task along with 50 others to get done. Anything you can finish something before it is supposed to be done you're going to be better off.

#2 Create an emergency kit. You would be surprised what you need on a wedding day that you would never think of! Hop on Pinterest or Google and read some articles on what to put in your emergency kit or you can buy them already put together. I've seen super glue, sewing kit, white out, medication and so much more!

#4. Have a coordinator or someone that is not a family member or friend to be the point of contact for the day of. We all can't afford a coordinator or don't feel that one is necessary, but having someone that can handle all of the little things like taking things back and forth to getting ready rooms, dealing with vendors, making the ceremony and reception areas are set up, the list goes on. This ensures that you and the people closest to you can be fully present and relaxed.

#3. This are going to go wrong. Nothing is going to go perfect. And it's going to be okay. I've seen tears be shed over the wrong shade of pink for the flowers, the bottom of the dress getting a little dirt on it, the food not being exactly right and so forth. But the only person that knows it wasn't "perfect" is you. Your guests are just excited to see you guys tie the knot and be apart of your special day :)

So don't sweat the little things and just remember what the day is all about: you marrying your soul mate :) What are some of your best tips for how to enjoy your wedding day?