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Wedding Registry Tips + Tricks
Wedding Registry Tips + Tricks

If you haven't caught on by now I'm a little less traditional in planning my own wedding and always encourage my couples to do what feels right for THEM and not because your 'supposed to'. Who created all of these wedding rules anyway?? We'll save that topic for another blog post ;) But back to today's post! When thinking about our wedding registry I of course wasn't looking for the traditional route. Here are some of the things I learned when creating our registry :)

#1 Honeymoon Fund: I initially wanted to do some type of honeymoon fund because how awesome is it that someone can gift you 'swimming with the sharks' or a 'romantic dinner on the beach'! But decided against it because we weren't exactly sure where we were going/what we want to do and didn't want to have someone 'buy' us something and us turn around and say sike, just kidding we're keeping your money because we change our mind. BUT if you already have most of your house items or would rather get that stuff yourself then this is a great option for you!

#2 Amazon Registry: Yes you heard that right you can create a registry right on Amazon. I recently got an Amazon Prime membership and it has became pretty dangerous...we even Amazon Now-ed cat food the other night...along with cookies and ice cream *insert monkey covering eyes emoji here* I also blame my boss Alejandra for putting the idea in my head :) But I also have to give her credit for introducing me to the Amazon registry. Her and her adorable husband are having a baby *due any day now!* and did their baby registry on there. I told them it was the easiest present I ever bought! I ordered it, gift wrapped it and sent it to their house in a matter of ten minutes. I'm beginning to think Amazon is a cult and I'm trying to introduce it's amazing-ness to everyone I know :)

#3 Put Fun Things on Your Registry: Now that we are moving back home separately we are getting rid of pretty much everything in our apartment so that means we put the usually stuff on our registry. But one of the best things about Amazon is you can put a variety of things on your wedding registry. We put a couple games on our because we love playing games :) You could put anything on it...the possibilities are endless!

I wasn't crazy about creating a registry because it seemed like such a daunting task, but when I found the Amazon wedding registry it made me a little more excited :) What are some of the things you would put on your registry? Share your thought in the comments!