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Reasons to plan your wedding around the sunset
Reasons to plan your wedding around the sunset

It's no secret I am a lover of light, but not just any light. It's that beautiful golden glowing light that happens around sunset. I can just picture it in my head already :)

When I first meet with my couples we talk about an overall timeline and I lay out their day so they can see how things would flow. I love doing this because it creates a foundation that they can reference in the future when planning their ceremony time and the rest of their day. It also allows me to stress the importance of the sunset and why they should plan around it. Here are two reasons why you should be planning your wedding around the sunset time.

#1 You need to make sure you there is enough light to get all the photos you want. Not only your bride and groom photos, but your wedding party and family photos too! If you are getting married where there is a spectacular view and you're dreaming of that sunset ceremony and don't want to do a first look chances are your wedding party and family photos and possible B&G photos will be lit with a flash and it will be too dark to see any of those gorgeous views.

#2 Those golden light portraits are to die for and they make my heart sing happy tunes :) I only shoot my portrait sessions around sunset for this very reason. It gives off this soft light and creates a beautiful glow around the couple. If you need any more reason here are some beautiful couples that planned around the sunset.

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XOXO Brooke