Choosing Wedding Vendors | Wedding Tip Tuesday

Choosing Wedding Vendors

You've learned how to take engagement ring photos using your cell phone, when you should be planning everything, and how to create the wedding that YOU want. This week's Wedding Tip Tuesday is about choosing wedding vendors and how to pick the perfect ones for your wedding :)

For some couples this might be one of the hardest parts about wedding planning because these are the people that you are relying and counting on to help make your day perfect and even more special. Here are my top 4 tips on choosing wedding vendors!

  1. Make sure their style/portfolio reflects your vision and theme. If you are looking for country chic that is colorful, but their work shows modern, clean and edgy you probably aren't a good match.
  2. Check out their reviews. What are people saying about them? Do they have any negative reviews? If so have they responded to it sharing their side? This is a great way to get an insight of what past clients are saying about them.
  3. Set up a time to meet with them or have a phone call. This is where you can get to know them better. Do your personalities match? Do you share the same vision for your day? You want to make sure you feel comfortable and can trust them. You should be friends with your wedding vendors!
  4. Ask friends and family for their personal recommendations. They are going to give you their honest feedback and will know from personal experience! If you are still trying to find 'the one' check out local bridal shows, The Knot, or Wedding Wire.
Wedding bouquets by Juliet Le Fleur at Eagle Mountain Golf Club in Fountain Hills, Arizona.
Wedding bouquets by Juliet Le Fleur at Eagle Mountain Golf Club in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Hopefully these help you create your wedding dream team! Do you have any other tips? I've love to hear them, leave them in the comments!