Engagement Ring | Wedding Tip Tuesday

Okay so you've made it through the holiday season and you got an engagement ring! The holiday season always brings lots of engagements and last year it even brought me one! It's such an amazing time in your lives and once you get over the surprise and excitement you realize there is so much to do. It can be overwhelming. Trust me, I know. But being a wedding photographer and planning my own wedding I've learned some things and now I want to share those things with you all! This is the first of my new Wedding Tip Tuesdays blog series! On Tuesdays I'll blog about tips on wedding planning, choosing vendors, how to make the most of your wedding day and so many other awesome things to help you in planning for your big day from a bride to be and photographers prospective :)

First up is showing off that bling bling ;) We all want to show off how amazing our new fiance's did with picking out the ring, so why not give it the photo quality it deserves! I'm going to show you how to take the best photos of your engagement ring using a cell phone. (These were taken with the iPhone 6)

- Use natural sunlight! This can either be outside or window light. If you go outside try to find even shade. Direct sunlight is going to give off glares that we don't want. Window light is also amazing! Just face the ring towards the window so all of the light hits it. (Taken outside on my patio using wrapping paper and bottle cap)


- Find something cool to put it on/in. You can use flowers, bushes, grass, cactus, books, newspaper, shoes, tables, mirror, fabric, etc. There are so many options! Here is what I used with stuff lying around my house :) (Taken outside on my patio)

- Nail the focus. This can be tricky because you want to get a close up shot of it, but with cell phones you can't get too close or it will never focus. Make sure you are far enough away and tap the ring to lock focus on it. If it's not focusing move the camera farther away and try again. We'll crop the image when we edit, so don't be afraid of getting some extra background in. (Taken by my sliding glass door)

- Don't use Instagram filters. I know everyone is freakin' out ;) In Instagram you can actually edit things like brightness, contrast, structure, saturation, and sharpness that will make that ring shine like it should! I typically up the things listed above between the 15-25 range depending on the photo.

Engagement ring photo using iPhone 6

Hopefully these tips make your engagement ring look like the star it should in photos :) Stay tuned next Tuesday to learn about the overall wedding timeline!