Showit United Photography Conference | Recap

When I first started my journey as a photographer it was tough. I was researching everything on how to become a better photographer and it just felt like everyone was keeping all their knowledge to themselves. Then I stumbled upon an incredible photography blog, Photography Awesomesauce, by the even more incredible Carrie Swails. I was blown away by the amount of knowledge she was pouring into new photographers. It was so positive, refreshing and inspiring! Little did I know that would be the first step in what would be an amazing photography community. From there I found some great local groups as well where I could connect with amazing photographers right in the valley. Then I found this amazing conference for photographers that is intended to inspire and teach photographers around the country.

I went to the conference last week and it was such an amazing two and a half days. I learned sooo much in such little time and walked away feeling inspired and ready to kick my business into gear! I attended three styled shoots where I pushed myself technically and creatively. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut in how we do things because we know it will work. Because we know it will look good. Because we are afraid of failing.

Throughout the entire conference various speakers came up to share part of their story and give advice and guidance (which 9 times out of 10 resulted in a very teary eyed audience, but in the best way possible). It was incredibly inspiring and terrifying at the same time. I walked away with so many things I want to do with my business and thinking about that future and those dreams can be scary.

Why do we stray away from things that we can fail at and things that scare us?

Because society has taught us that failure is a bad thing. But if never fail how we will get away from good things to great things?!

So this is my promise to all of you out there. I promise to serve my clients better than I ever have before. I promise to push myself creatively at every shoot. I promise to dream bigger than I ever have before and strive to achieve those dreams. I promise that I will fail, so I can achieve greatness.

Thank you so much to Showit for creating the Showit United Photography Conference. Thank you to all the amazing speakers and teachers that were willing to share their stores and their knowledge. Thank you to all the amazing models and vendors for creating such fabulous styled shoots. Thank you for creating an environment and community I love being apart of <3