Cash + Cierra | Sunrise Sedona Photos

This is one of my most favorite shoots to date and I'm so excited to share a few lots of my favs! I mean when you can have rain and sunrise Sedona photos you know it's going to be awesome ;) I've known Cash since I started dating Andy (my boo) and clicked right away when him and Cierra got together a couple years back...hello double dates :) I love hanging out with these two and love them even more for letting me crash their 4th of July weekend in Sedona! I've been wanting to shoot in the ever beautiful Sedona for a while now and when they told me that's where they were headed I practically invited myself along...that's how friendship works right ;) Our original plans changed, but totally for the better! We were able to get some ah-mazing night time rain shots (shout out to Cash + Cierra for standing out in the rain for me) We got rained on and it was awesome period.

Then I dragged them out early in the morning to get some sunrise Sedona photos and once again our original plans didn't work out, but who doesn't love living life on the edge...literally because that is where our first detour took us. I love that these two were down for whatever and completely trusted totally paid off! I had an unbelievable time hanging out with some fantastic friends and taking some stellar photos. So without further ado please enjoy some of my favs of this awesome couple in Sedona with the gorgeous red rocks!