Shenandoah Mill Wedding | Amie + Dalton

Shenandoah Mill Wedding is up on the blog today! This wedding is an extra special one because it is some of mine and Andy's best friends! Many of you know that I am engaged and have been with Andy for a long time...7 years to be exact ;) So naturally I have became close with all of his friends (Dalt being one of them) and their girlfriends. They started dating shortly after us, so we have all became pretty close and we so lucky to have them as friends!

When I got the news that Dalt and Amie were engaged I was beyond excited and then when they asked me to be their photographer my excitement went to a whole other level :) Shenandoah Mill Wedding was planned in three months...yes you heard that right, THREE months and it was perfect! They managed to pull it off and it was beautiful! Amie looked absolutely stunning and when Dalt saw her for the first time I think everyone got a little teary eye.

I am so thankful to have amazing friends like these two and I can't wait to see their marriage grow :)

Thank you both so much for allowing me to capture your wedding!