California ASU Senior Session | Salt River

I met Rachael during our study abroad trip this summer and of course became friends :) Since we've been back it's been difficult to meet up with our crazy schedules, so it was so fun to get to hang out and catch up again! Rachael is by far one of the funniest people I have ever met and be had an ABSOLUTE blast during her session. She is from California and wanted to combine her AZ experience as well as her excitement to graduate and head back to Cali...what better way to do that then to incorporate the beautiful desert and a Cali flag! Enjoy some of my favs from my time with Rachael :)

BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0090 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0091 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0092 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0093 Was obsessed with this light! BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0094 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0095 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0096 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0097 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0098 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0099 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0100 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0101 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0102 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0103 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0104 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0105 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0106