Sunrise Senior Session | Tumbleweed Ranch Park

With my crazy schedule it's hard to balance the social life with work and school and running my own business...I know something I need to work on! But it's nice when I can combine the social life with work!! Lauren and I met freshman year at ASU and she is one of the funniest people I know :) It was so good to catch up with her and I am even more thankful that she woke up extra early for her sunrise senior session...the beautiful light was SOOO worth it! BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0069 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0070 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0071 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0072 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0074 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0075 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0076 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0077 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0078 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0079 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0080 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0081 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0082 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0083 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0084