Tucson Family | Saguaro National Park Session

How many photos do you have with your whole immediate family?? Maybe a couple from weddings or family gatherings? I think it is soooo important to have those photos of everyone together because for some it is a rare occasion since not all family members live in the same area and let's be real trying to coordinate 10-20 people for a photo shoot is no easy task. So when this family contacted me to do photos of their family I was more than excited! We headed out to the Saguaro National Park in Tucson and it was beautiful!!! It was my first time out there and I was blow away. Please enjoy some of my favorites from this awesome family session! BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0020 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0021 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0022 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0023 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0024 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0025 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0026 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0027 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0028 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0029 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0030 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0031 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0032