Sarah Grace + Mr. | Sunset Horse Session

When your big sister is a photographer is means you can do spur of the moment photo sessions with your horse in the middle of a field ;) I can't believe little Sarah Grace is now a grown up teenager!!! I finally understand when people used to say to me  'you're already that make me feel old!' She is growing up to a beautiful young woman and I'm so happy we get to spend this time together <3 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0001 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0002 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0003 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0005 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0006 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0007 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0008 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0009 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0010 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0011 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0012 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0013 BrookeMarcellaPhotography_0014