Classy Family Session | Downtown Florence

Who doesn't love a one year old in a tux??? The answer is NO ONE! Everyone loves a cute little boy in a tux and JD was no exception. I loved hanging out with him and his awesome parents and we even played a couple of games of peek-a-boo and you can guess tag wasn't quite my favorite when I was trying to take his photos ;) We had such a great time walking around downtown Florence and exploring all the hidden gems there. I can't thank Jake and Amber enough for putting up with all the mosquitoes as well...but I think it was totally worth it! Enjoy some of my favs below :) 20141005_Lister_B-1 Those beautiful blue eyes...ladies he's going to be a heartbreaker ;) 20141005_Lister_B-3 20141005_Lister_B-4 20141005_Lister_B-5 20141005_Lister_B-6 20141005_Lister_B-7 20141005_Lister_B-8 20141005_Lister_B-9 Since JD didn't want to smile we decided to all try the senior look...I think they pulled it off VERY well! 20141005_Lister_B-11 20141005_Lister_B-12 20141005_Lister_B-13 20141005_Lister_B-14 20141005_Lister_B-15 Love that little smile <320141005_Lister_B-16 It wouldn't be a one year old session without a little tears ;) 20141005_Lister_B-17 20141005_Lister_B-18 20141005_Lister_B-19 20141005_Lister_B-20 I love getting a couple shot of just mom and dad...and these two were AH-MAZING models!20141005_Lister_B-21 20141005_Lister_B-23 20141005_Lister_B-24 20141005_Lister_B-25 20141005_Lister_B-26