Perks of Being a Senior | Senior Year Adventures

One of the best things about being a senior is getting your senior pictures done...well at least it's one of my favorite things :) Brooke from B Focused Photography & Design took my photos again and did an amazing job once again! Check out the photos she did of me for my new head shots last winter HERE! I wanted to do some at ASU because it is such a beautiful campus and has been my home for the past three and a half years and I was trying to think of another location that I hadn't seen anyone do before. After a couple of days it finally hit me...A Mountain! I can't thank Brooke enough for hiking up the mountain just for me, but it was sooo worth it and I am in love with the photos!

I am more than half way done with senior year and like always it is flying by...but I am more than ready to walk across that stage in December. So stay tuned for more updates on my senior year at ASU!

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