Koba the Kitty | A New Edition to Our Home

You know some things just fall into your lap...well that's how we ended up with our baby Koba...literally :) I've always had pets growing up, so living in the dorms was difficult because pets weren't allowed. And between moving into our apartment, finishing the semester and preparing for my study abroad trip there was just no time to care for a pet. While I was on my trip my boyfriend, Andy kept mentioning getting a kitty, so once I got back we decided we would get one once things settled down. And then Koba came along :)

We had just finished watching Dawn of Planet of the Apes (which was an AWESOME movie) and were walking to my truck when we heard meowing. I looked at Andy and he knew that we had to check it out, so we did :) We walked towards the meowing and there she was, a itty bitty black kitten :) After about 30 minutes of chasing her around various cars we were FINALLY able to grab her and I swooped her up and took her home.

Now about three weeks later Koba has adjusted quite well to her new home :) She LOVES to snuggle! She acts as my own personal neck pillow at night. She is very active and loves running around the apartment.  She also loves watching TV and walking on my computer keyboard as I'm trying to be productive :)

20140727_Koba_C-1 20140727_Koba_C-3