William's 2 Year Session | Arizona Professional Photographer | Brooke Marcella Photography

Another boy in blue that stole my heart :) William was surely dressed to impress for his two-year old session and that smile of his is DEFINITELY going to break some hearts in the future! He was a little shy at first, but once he let his guard down it was full speed ahead...literally he was on the move the entire time and I loved it! I believe it is so important to document kids how they are in that moment and at that age. Photos are supposed to capture that special moment in time and when you look back at that photo years later it brings back those specific feelings or memories. I don't want to force my clients into awkward poses...especially kids. When William and his family look back at these photos in the future they are going to say how rambunctious he was and how much he loved Mickey Mouse :) 2014-08-11_0001 2014-08-11_0002 2014-08-11_0003 2014-08-11_0004 2014-08-11_0005 2014-08-11_0006 2014-08-11_0007 2014-08-11_0008 2014-08-11_0009 2014-08-11_0010 2014-08-11_0011 2014-08-11_0012 2014-08-11_0013 2014-08-11_0014 2014-08-11_0015 2014-08-11_0016 2014-08-11_0017 2014-08-11_0018 2014-08-11_0019 2014-08-11_0020 2014-08-11_0021 2014-08-11_0022 2014-08-11_0023