Jaxson's Cake Smash | Arizona Professional Photographer | Brooke Marcella Photography

As soon as I saw Jaxson he won me over because he was in a teal shirt and we all know teal is my favorite color :) This cutie did not disappoint. It took a little bit for him to warm up to me, but as soon as he did it was all smiles ahead! Jaxson is new to the walking world so as soon as we put him on his feet he was moving with a purpose LOL! Once we were finished with the portraits it was on to the good stuff...the cake smash! He was a little unsure at first and just kind of poked at the cake, but then he started flinging it around and it was clear he liked to throw it more than eat it! By the time the session was over he was pretty much covered head to toe in icing...that's how cake smash's are supposed to end right?! 2014-08-07_0001 2014-08-07_0002 2014-08-07_0003 2014-08-07_0004 2014-08-07_0005 2014-08-07_0006 2014-08-07_0007 2014-08-07_0008 2014-08-07_0009 2014-08-07_0010 2014-08-07_0011 2014-08-07_0012 2014-08-07_0013 2014-08-07_0014 2014-08-07_0015 2014-08-07_0016 2014-08-07_0017 2014-08-07_0018 2014-08-07_0019 2014-08-07_0020 2014-08-07_0021 2014-08-07_0022 2014-08-07_0023 2014-08-07_0024 2014-08-07_0025 2014-08-07_0026 2014-08-07_0027 2014-08-07_0028 2014-08-07_0029 2014-08-07_0030