Scotland Day 7, 8, 9, & 10 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Day 7  Well my trip is winding down and I am slowly getting home sick...or maybe it was knowing that my exams were coming up that was making me sick ;) Today was lots of studying and then dinner and of course the USA game!!!

Day 8

I've been itching to do a photo shoot since I've been abroad, so I talked a couple of people into hiking the mountain with me for a sunset shoot and it was AWESOME! A huge thanks once again for all those that participated :)2014-07-15_0001 2014-07-15_0002 2014-07-15_0003 2014-07-15_0004 2014-07-15_0005 2014-07-15_0006 2014-07-15_0007 2014-07-15_0008 2014-07-15_0009 2014-07-15_0010 2014-07-15_0011 2014-07-15_0012 2014-07-15_0013 2014-07-15_0014 2014-07-15_0015 2014-07-15_0016 2014-07-15_0017 2014-07-15_0018

Day 9

If you know me at all you know that I LOVEEEE Mexican food and let me just tell you it was HARD to come by over here! But one of the guys in our group managed to find a pretty decent place so me and some of the girls decided to check it out. It was surprisingly good...not great...not Arizona Mexican food, but good. Good thing I ate it on one of our last days there because it only made me crave it even more!

Day 10

Well it is my last day abroad! It was such a fast six weeks, but I was ready to come home and see all my family and friends :) For our last day here our class took a field trip around the city and explored popular writer's spots. So many books and movie ideas came from Edinburgh and it was so neat to see all the spots! We checked out the old University of Edinburgh, Greyfriar's Bobby, Frankenstein's, Deacon Brodie's Tavern with the Writers Museum, and a scene from Train Spotting. It was a busy day! Here is a photo of the old university.  2014_ScotlandiPhone_-53On our last there me and a couple other people decided to hike Arthur's Peak on last time and it was absolutely gorgeous! I was so amazing to sit up there with the cold, fresh air blowing around us reflecting on the past six weeks...up until this point I was ready to come home, but sitting up there taking it all in was bittersweet. I'm so thankful that I was on this trip with an awesome group of people. 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-56 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-57 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-58 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-59

Stay tuned for a whole trip recap!!!