Scotland Day 6 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Day 6  You can't go to Scotland without going to Loch Ness. Loch in mean Lake so we went to Lake Ness :) We started the journey at 7am and were in for a long drive. But the drive there was absolutely stunning! We made a couple stops along the way like Callander and the Three Sisters Mountains. There was a nice fog in the sky so it made the mountains extra mysterious. 2014-07-12_0001 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-402014-07-12_0002 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-41 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-42 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-432014-07-12_0003 2014-07-12_0004We finally arrived in Loch Ness and first up on the agenda was food! Being in a car for about four and a half hours with no breakfast was no idea...I was a little hangry (so hungry you're angry)! We hung around Loch Ness for about an hour and I got in the water, so essentially I swam with Nessie ;) Then it was back to the bus to make the trek home. 2014-07-12_0005 2014-07-12_0006 2014-07-12_0007 2014-07-12_0008 2014-07-12_0009 2014-07-12_0010 2014-07-12_0011 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-472014-07-12_0012 2014-07-12_0013 2014-07-12_0014 2014-07-12_0015 2014-07-12_0016 2014-07-12_0017 2014-07-12_0018 2014-07-12_0019 2014-07-12_0020 2014-07-12_0021 2014-07-12_0022We made a couple more gorgeous pit stops along the way then it we were finally home! All said in done it was a 12 hour about a long day!2014-07-12_0023 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-50 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-51 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-522014-07-12_0024 2014-07-12_0025 2014-07-12_0026 2014-07-12_0027