Scotland Day 4 & 5 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Day 4 One of my classes focuses on various places and how the effect our identity so we always go around and learn about various places that are connected to the culture wherever we are. Today we went to Scottish Parliament and sat in on a session, which was pretty cool because we would never be able to do that back home! We were able to get photos before it started and then sit in. It was interesting to be apart of, but some of their accents were so thick and they talked fast so it made it difficult to understand. Also not being very familiar with their culture, laws, and what is currently going on a lot of the time I felt a little lost LOL! Even though it was hard to understand I'm so glad I got to see their parliament process! After that I just wandered around a bit and came across this adorable garden called Dun Bar's Close Garden. Then of course it was off to do more shopping :)

Day 5

We have now found out that there is a cute little kitty on campus! He is just absolutely adorable and so friendly :) Later that afternoon we headed to The Elephant House and if you're familiar with Harry Potter it might sound familiar to's the birthplace of Harry Potter! It is where Harry Potter was written. I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but it was pretty cool. The funny thing is, is that we didn't even know it was related to Harry Potter until we were already inside eating haha! One of the girls fractured her ankle the second night we were here so now I get frequent cab rides with these pretty ladies :)