Scotland Day 1, 2, & 3 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Day 1 We stared our Journey to Scotland at noon, took a bus ride to the airport, a plane to London, a bus from terminal 1 to terminal 5, a plane to Scotland, and a bus ride to our new home and arrived around was a LONG day! We had beautiful weather traveling and I only had one security issue...apparently jelly from Buckingham Palace isn't allow :( (sorry dad!)

Day 2

We have a castle in our backyard...literally! How pretty is this?! 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-1 We had class that afternoon and then a group of us climbed up to Arthur's Seat...which is also in our backyard (pretty much). Let's just say some of us (meaning me) didn't realize how much of a climb it would be and we were out of breath before we even got half way up LOL! But I made it to the top and it was totally worth it...what a stunning view :)

We all worked up an appetite so we went and grabbed some food and later that evening I was feeling ambition so I hike it again! I grabbed my camera this time around and headed up again. This time I didn't go to Arthur's Seat I went to another mountain near by that was a more easy route ;) It doesn't get any better than this beautiful! Thank you to the random people who made some awesome shots :)

2014-07-01_0001 2014-07-01_0003 2014-07-01_0004 2014-07-01_0005 2014-07-01_0006 2014-07-01_0007 2014-07-01_0008 2014-07-01_0009 2014-07-01_0010 2014-07-01_0011 2014-07-01_0012 2014-07-01_0013 2014-07-01_0014 2014-07-01_0015 2014-07-01_0016 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-152014-07-01_0017 2014-07-01_0018 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-162014-07-01_0019 2014-07-01_0020 2014_ScotlandiPhone_-172014-07-01_0021 2014-07-01_0022 2014-07-01_0023 2014-07-01_00242014_ScotlandiPhone_-17

Day 3

One of the things I've mentioned before is I love exploring as a class...we hardly ever spend time in the classroom. Our first adventure was Edinburgh Castle. The weather almost made me feel like I was back home...not quite 110, but it was pretty hot! We got to walk around the castle and learn about some of the Scottish history and how the castle has played into that. After the castle I wandered around and of course went shopping :) I got my dad some new jelly to replace the one they stole at the airport and then just wandered around. I ate at this ah-mazing BBQ placed called oink and got a delicious pulled pork sandwich...they even have the head of the pig sitting in the front window! After that I made the 30 minute trek back home and crashed out...the sun definitely got the best of me today! 2014-07-01_0025 2014-07-01_0026 2014-07-01_0027 2014-07-01_0028 2014-07-01_0029 2014-07-01_0030 2014-07-01_0031 2014-07-01_0032 2014-07-01_0034 2014-07-01_0035 2014-07-01_0036 2014-07-01_0037 2014-07-01_0038 2014-07-01_0039 2014-07-01_0040 2014-07-01_0041 2014-07-01_0042