Ireland Day 9, 10, 11 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Day 9 One thing I love about this trip is most of our class time is spent outside the classroom, so we actually get to visit and go to places we normally wouldn't go to. On day 9 we went to the Garden of Remembrance, which is also known as Peace Park. This beautiful garden is dedicated to the memory of all those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom.  The large sculpture by Oisin Kelly is based on the theme of the "Children of Lir". It was amazing to go and see that and it was beautiful and it was a nice quiet place to remember all those that we have lost. 2014_Ireland_bs-1059 After that a group of us went and ate some awesome Italian food then headed to Kilmainham Gaol. Kilmainham Gaol is the jail where they held political figures, men, women, and children who committed various crimes from the 1700s to the 19oos. This place is so important to the Irish history and culture because it was the jail where many leaders of Irish rebellions were imprisoned and some executed in the prison by the British and by the Irish Free State. It rough times back then and some people even committed crimes just to go to jail because they knew at least in jail they would be guaranteed at least one meal a day and a roof over their head.

2014_Ireland_bs-1068 2014_Ireland_bs-1070 After the jail I picked up some Queen of Tarts for take cute is this box?!2014_Ireland_bs-1084

Day 10

At this point it is pure torture that we haven't had Mexican food. We are being deprived from something so delicious. We are desperate. All that desperation led us to the "best Mexican food in Dublin" (notice the quotation marks) was the worst bean and cheese burrito I've ever had. Taco Bell was better than this place and that is saying A LOT!! Needless to say it did not fix my craving and only made it worse :( 2014_Ireland_bs-1086After our terrible burrito experience we decided to shop around to make it better :) Then we ended up at our favorite place...Queen of Tarts! You would go here three times in three days if you were here too ;)2014_Ireland_bs-1087 We hung out there for a while and then met some friends at Temple Bar and then went to The Old Storehouse because it had a great recommendation from our tour guide. They had live music, which was awesome! The food ordered smoked salmon...thinking it was going to be cooked...and it wasn't...and in case you didn't know I'm the pickiest eater on the it was interesting to say the least haha! We had an awesome time regardless and we even knew the words to one of the songs because our tour guide taught it to us!

Day 11

Well my last day in Ireland did not go exactly as planned. I went to a park to relax and read and it was anything, but that LOL! It was pretty crowded so I found a spot and read for a bit and then decided to go to a different spot for a while and it was worse than the first one...I almost got taken out by a kid! After that I gave up on the park and started leaving well I just happen to glance down and saw this weird thing on the was a duck head. Yes. A dead duck head. It was horrible and I didn't think it could get any worse, but I thought wrong. Not even a minute after I started walking again I felt something big roll under my shoe and as I turned around to see what it was I almost had a heart attack. IT WAS A DEAD RAT THE SIZE OF MY FOOT!!! And I don't have small feet. Luckily for all of you I couldn't stop to take a picture of it because I was practically running out of the park. After that experience I figured I better just go home and stay in the comfort of my room haha! Later that night I started packing...nightmare number 3 of the day. Let's just say I left a lot of things in Dublin and had to pay someone to take some of my clothes LOL ;) Next up is our last adventure of the trip...Scotland!