Ireland Day 8 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

  What an amazing day it was! We had an awesome tour up to the Cliff's of Moher with plenty of stunning stops along the way. We all loaded the bus at 7am bright and early with our favorite tour guide...Stephen with My Irish Guide, who is the best tour guide in Ireland! We drove around Dublin a bit and Stephen gave us some history and then we stopped and he told us to all hurry off the bus for a special surprise. We all filed out and ran after him and he led us to the famous U2 wall where they first started recording...and we got to tag the wall!!! How awesome is that!! And the BS stands for Brooke Smith ;)

Our next stop was Dunguaire Castle. Can you say gorgeous?!

2014-06-19_0001 2014-06-19_0002 2014_Ireland_bs-10352014-06-19_0003 2014_Ireland_bs-10362014-06-19_0004 2014-06-19_0005 2014-06-19_0006 2014_Ireland_bs-10372014-06-19_0007 2014-06-19_0008 Our next stop was the coast, which was even more beautiful than the castle!! The water was just endless...2014-06-19_0009 2014-06-19_0010 2014_Ireland_bs-10392014-06-19_0011 2014-06-19_00122014_Ireland_bs-1041 We finally took a break and got some lunch at a cute little town called Doolin. We ate at a great restaurant and it was by far the fastest food I've ever gotten...even faster than McDonald's and it was good! Of course I had to get dessert...mmm :)

Then it was off to the main event of the day...Cliff's of Moher. Let me just tell you, if this isn't on your bucket list IT NEEDS TO BE! Once of the most gorgeous sites I have ever seen in my life. The pictures don't even do it justice. 2014-06-19_00132014_Ireland_bs-1044 2014-06-19_0014 2014-06-19_0015 2014-06-19_0016 2014_Ireland_bs-10502014-06-19_0017 2014-06-19_0018 2014-06-19_0019 2014_Ireland_bs-10472014-06-19_0020 2014-06-19_0021 2014-06-19_0022 2014-06-19_0023 2014-06-19_0024 2014_Ireland_bs-10502014-06-19_0025 2014_Ireland_bs-1056 2014_Ireland_bs-10572014-06-19_0026 2014-06-19_0027 2014-06-19_0028 Some of the crazies I've spent the past 4 weeks with!2014-06-19_0029 And here is my collection of selfies at the Cliff's of Moher ;)