Ireland Day 4 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Day 4! Warning this post has LOTS of photos...but they are awesome :) We went on a day trip to see some of the Irish land and it was stunning! Our first stop was Sandy Cove and it was a quick stop and we all rushed around taking photos and lots of the rain LOL!

2014_IrelandGlendalough_bs-19A huge thank you to Bri for learning how to use my camera and getting awesome photos of me! :)

Along our bus tour we had a couple stops and this one was so beautiful. There were mountain (although we like to call these hills) that went on for what seemed like forever.

Gotta have the selfie and the panoramic ;)

Anyone watch P.S. I Love You?? Well we went to the bridge that was in the movie!!! :) 2014_IrelandGlendalough_bs-79 Here is the beautiful scenery around it.

Next stop was the Wicklow Mountains...absolutely unreal.

2014_IrelandGlendalough_bs-115 More selfies and panoramics :)

I mean even our rest stop was gorgeous...I don't think there is an ugly place here!

Finally we reached our main destination, Glendalough. We walked around and got a brief run down of the area by our tour guide...who was awesome by the way! After that we walked all the way to the upper lake and then came back down and hopped back down on the bus! Once we got on the bus I realized why my feet were so cold and a little wet...needless the say the boots didn't make it to Scotland :(

It was such a long day, but it was well worth it to see the beautiful country side! Our tour guide was absolutely awesome and made the tour 20 times better. He told awesome stories and jokes, informed us about the history of it, and gave us whiskey shots ;)