London Recap | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Looking back on London I realize just how much I fell in love with it. I loved the beautiful scenery, the amazing architecture, the public transportation, the history, the food, the culture, and pretty much everything else :) The entire time I was there everyone back home kept asking me if I was home sick and my response was always the same, I feel completely at home here and I just wish all you were here to experience it with me. Here are a couple random facts, favorite things, and misc. items about my London adventure :) 1. I am obsessed with the underground and will miss riding on it so much!

2. They use the word toilet instead of bathroom or restroom...I still haven't gotten used to saying that one.

3. If you want something "to-go" it is called "take-away".

4. People walk everywhere and they walk fast and I LOVE it!

5. Restaurants hate big groups...especially when they are American.

6. If they had the same service they have here back home people would probably walk out of the establishment...yes most of the service was that bad.

7. The public parks are absolutely unreal!

8. Before you cross the road they tell you which way to look before crossing. IMG_5742

9. The exchange rate sucks...

10. There are street performers everywhere and I am obsessed with all of them!