Ireland Day 1, 2, & 3 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Day 1 We arrived at the airport and it was smooth sailing all the way through security, except that I forgot my carry on at security! I got about halfway through the airport and realized that I was missing something and that something was my luggage...luckily it was still there when I ran back to security. Crisis averted! I've only flown twice before this trip. Once when I was a kid to San Diego with my family and once for our 8th grade trip to Boston and New York. Even then I knew I loved flying. Now that I've flown more I've become even more obsessed with it! I love taking off and watching the ground beneath me slip away, getting smaller and smaller. Soaring through the clouds and the blue sky. There is no better feeling and I just love it! And you can't really complain when you get to fly over London and Ireland. All the greenery was absolutely stunning! 2014_IrelandBlog_bs-1 2014_IrelandBlog_bs-2 2014_IrelandBlog_bs-3 2014_IrelandBlog_bs-4 Our flight was only an hour-long so we landed and were at our new dorms in no time and they were sooo much better than the ones in London. There are four of us in a suite and we each get our own bedroom and then share two bathrooms and a kitchen/living room area. Here is our view from our living room :)2014_IrelandBlog_bs-5 The view is obviously spectacular, but this is how I knew I was going to really like this place. Two scoops. In a waffle cone. Ben and Jerry's. Double fudge brownie. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! 2014_IrelandBlog_bs-8 The rest of the day was filled with unpacking, getting situated, and planning out our time in Ireland!

Day 2

If you followed my journey in London you knew I ate a lot of delicious food...A LOT haha! So I wanted to start Ireland off on the right track and went for a run first thing in the morning. It was gorgeous!   2014_IrelandBlog_bs-6 That afternoon we all headed out to the oldest bar in Ireland, The Brazen Head! It was pretty cool and so glad I got to experience it. You could tell is was pretty old and they have added on and remodeled some of it.

After The Brazen Head we went to Temple Bar, which is also a must do while in Dublin! One our way there we crossed a bridge and it was the perfect light and the photographer in me just had to stop and get a photo. :)

2014_IrelandBlog_bs-17Temple Bar is such a cool area. It's like this whole area with bars and restaurants and there are always street performers! If any of you watch Baby Daddy we also saw the two main actors right outside this bar! Some of the people I was with got photos with awesome!2014_IrelandBlog_bs-18

Day 3 

I've been keeping my running streak and went a different route on day three and it was even more beautiful than the first one!

Later that afternoon a group of us decided to go to the Jameson Distillery. It was such a cool building and had all kinds of cool decoration! With the tour you got a free drink and then you could also purchase a tasting package where you could taste and compare Jameson, Scottish whiskey, and American whiskey and with us being the young college kids we are we got the extra tasting ;) Let's just say I am not a big whiskey person, but the Jameson was by far the best, then the American (which was Jack Daniels), and my absolute least favorite was the Scottish was like fire in my throat!! We all had such an awesome time doing it and I'm so glad I got to do it :)

It was so beautiful outside and it was the first time in this whole trip that I was able to take off my jacket and enjoy the warm was glorious! Suns out guns out was my motto :)

After Jameson and enjoying the fabulous weather we headed back home because our faculty was throwing us a pizza party! So we enjoyed the night with pizza and good company :)

Stay tuned for day four which was an AWESOME day trip to the country side!!