London Day 16 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

My last day in London. So bittersweet. I came to love London so so much and could imagine myself living there for sure! I was so excited for a new adventure in Ireland, but it was hard to leave London behind. I knew for my last day I had to do all my favorite things and that is exactly what I did. My first stop was of course, shopping :) I got a couple last-minute souvenirs for people back home and then went to my second favorite place...borough market and do you remember what is in borough market?!?!?! GIANT COOKIES!!! So since it was my last day in London I had to buy to eat then and one for later :)

Then in the afternoon I had to go to class and then finish up a homework assignment. By the time we left the computer lab it was pouring rain and we had to walk all the way home...which is a 15 minute walk. Here is us struggling along the way.

Now when I left the US my suitcase was pretty full and my pretty full I mean it was completely full! And I did quite a bit of shopping so I knew this was going to be a tough time before I even started. To sum it up I had to pay someone to fit my towel in their suitcase because there was no chance it was fitting in mine, I had to leave two shirts there (one was my washing mishap) and the next morning I had to wear a tank top, a shirt, two sweaters, and my raincoat...I was beginning to look like the Michelin man :)  BUT needless to say I made it to the airport with both suitcases zipped up and I wasn't overweight!

Stay tuned for a London recap and then for the beginning of my Ireland adventures!!

XOXO Brooke