London Day 12 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

My name is Brooke Smith and I am a shopaholic. At least I can admit it right ;) I knocked out three different shopping markets on day 12! I took the day to myself and wandered all around the city and hit a couple last-minute places that I wanted to see. First up was Covent Garden, it was a little more upscale, but so is the rest of London! There was cute little boutiques, hand crafted shops, and tons of street performers! Here is an amazing group that played some classical stuff and another guy that was playing guitar and singing. [youtube=] [youtube=] After that I had to check something off my Pinterest bucket list...Neal's Yard. On Pinterest it looks like this colorful, cute, shopping center...but when I arrived it was not exactly how I imagined. It was so cute and colorful, but it was only about two stores big LOL. Glad I went, but I am chalking it up to a Pinterest fail. 2014_LondonBlog_bs-122Then I headed to Borough Market and it was amazing! It had tons of food vendors that make all their own food and goods. There was also a farmers market potion where you could get tons of good, but my most favorite part was the giant chocolate chip cookies!! Ugh still dreaming about those! 2014_LondonBlog_bs-124 2014_LondonBlog_bs-125Up next on the route was Notting Hill market. HO-LY CRAP! I definitely under estimated these two markets. I kid you not it was like 5 miles long...I just kept walking what felt like forever, but I loved it! They had tons of awesome vintage stuff, hand crafted things, touristy things, farmers market, and TONS of people. This cute little blue house will be my future home! 2014_LondonBlog_bs-129 2014_LondonBlog_bs-130[youtube=]I will not comment on this next guy's dance moves, but I just had to share it with you all LOL![youtube=]I loved the London Eye in the day time so much I just had to check it out at night! So a group of us went together and it was so cool!