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We were up bright and early...well at least me and Bri attempt to see the changing of the guards again. Check out day 7 to see how our first attempt went! Since we were a little early we decided to go try to find a place where you can take photos with the guards, but over the years they have diminished the amount of guards they put out in the open because some tourists can be pretty mean. BUT we finally found some!! They weren't the ones we really wanted, but it was still awesome!! It's amazing the lack of emotion they show despite what is going on all around them.

Then we walked around and found some awesome memorial pieces!

Now we were off to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards...well kind of. We got there a little late and let's just say this is a huge tourist spectacle, so it was crowded to say the least. But we got to see part of it and it was awesome...I did get a video of some of it, but it seems to have disappeared HAHA :) Here are some photos of Buckingham Palace and the horses getting ready before the changing of the guards.

Up next was the London Eye!!! Before we got in line we need to refuel, so we stopped at a cafe and got some goodies then headed to get in line. Once we got there the man asked us for our tickets and as I go to pull out my wallet I realize it is not there...I lost my wallet. My wallet is gone. No more wallet. Please queue a freak out session. Me and my two friends just stare at each other like someone just died. So now we are headed to retrace our steps and the first stop was the cafe. I run up to the counter and ask the man if I left my wallet there and at that moment he saved my was there!!! Thank God!! Crisis averted!!! So finally we get in line to get on the London Eye and it was spectacular!

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Later that night we went to our first football game!! It was by far one of my favorite things we did in London. As soon as we got on the underground there were a group of guys cheering and singing songs for was AWESOME! Once we got off the underground we realized just how big of a sport it really was...there were just swarms of people following like ants all the way to the entrance of the stadium. As we were walking up I just couldn't help but smile because all these people we so proud to be England fans and I just felt an overwhelming sense of pride as well! Wembley Stadium is massive!!! There were 83,000 people at the game...most stadiums back home hold only about 50,000! We cheered for England and when they scored their first goal the crowd went crazy! There definitely weren't very many Peru fans in the crowd. At everyone's seat there was this card stock paper that was folded like a fan to act as a clapper, but people soon turned them into paper airplanes and now it was a game of who could make theirs on the field from the upper deck. A handful made it on the field, but one in particular stood out. A guy from the upper deck launches his paper airplane and as it gets closer to the field everyone starts to cheer...then it just keeps soaring and makes it landing right into the head of a Peru player!!! IT WAS AMAZING!! And the crowd went WILD! They played Peru, who isn't very good, so the score was 3-0, but it was one of the coolest experiences of my life and I will never forget it :)2014_LondonBlog_bs-110 2014_LondonBlog_bs-111 2014_LondonBlog_bs-112 2014_LondonBlog_bs-113 2014_LondonBlog_bs-114 2014_LondonBlog_bs-115 2014_LondonBlog_bs-116 2014_LondonBlog_bs-117 2014_LondonBlog_bs-118