London Day 9 & 10 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

London Day 9 Well not all my days can be filled with amazing activities so on this day it was a relax and go to class kind of day :) But later that evening a group of us went on a Jack the Riper tour! It was pretty interesting...we went to East London and got to follow the footsteps that he took, which as cool and really scary at the same time. It was so interesting though how that side of town has just accepted and I would even say adopted Jack the Riper. Here are some photos from the tour!

London Day 10

One thing I love about my professors is they don't keep up cooped up in a classroom. They love taking us on field trips and showing us different parts of the city that we normally wouldn't see. One of my classes is called place-making and it is how various places and spaces affect our identity. So our professor took us to East London, which is known as the more ghetto side of town and we went on a walking tour and saw some amazing graffiti. It was so interesting because some of the artwork was commissioned so someone paid the artist to do it and others were just done on the fly, mostly to send some type of political message or simply just declare that area yours. What we all found interesting is that most of these artists probably had to work relatively fast because they have security cameras everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere! Here are some of the exceptional pieces we saw.

After our graffiti tour we headed to Camden Market to get our shop on...again. A couple of people had mentioned they wanted to get a pedicure where the fish literally eat the dead skin off your feet...umm yes that is a thing! So while we were there one of the girls in our group really wanted to do it, so she did!! Rachael only had a mild freak out ;)

Only 4 more days of London left to cover!! Stay tuned for more :)

XOXO Brooke