London Day 6 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

This blog post is EXTRA special because it is my 100TH BLOG POST!! I am so thankful for all of my clients, friends, family, and followers for your continued support :) Now back to day 6! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I like to call this day my tourist day because we did almost all of the really touristy things today. First we started it off with breakfast at a place called The Diner because I was in dire need of some pancakes. They were pretty good...but I have to say the pancakes back home are still better :) 2014_LondonBlog_bs-28   I needed a big breakfast for all that we had in store for the day! It was such a perfect day to go out and explore! We headed right to the tube and straight to the iconic Big Ben! I learned though that Big Ben is actually inside the building and you can't see 'him', but they have called it that for so long that it just stuck. Big Ben is one of my favorite buildings in London! It just looks so royal and so regal and it is soooo tall! 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-19 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-20 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-21

2014_LondonWeek1_bs-44 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-52 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-60Once we saw Big Ben all we had to do is look across the river and see the famous London Eye! In case you don't know what that is, it is essentially a huge ferris wheel that allows you to look over pretty much all of is awesome!! More about riding the London Eye in another blog post :) 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-54 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-42 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-38 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-23 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-22 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-32Here are some beautiful scenery pictures, a bird posing with Big Ben, and one AWESOME bagpipe player ;) 2014_LondonBlog_bs-342014_LondonWeek1_bs-89 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-88 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-82 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-33

2014_LondonWeek1_bs-50  [embed][/embed] You may be thinking wow what an awesome day...but just wait..the day is not even close to being over yet. While walking to the London Eye we came across this place called the London of course we went and it was really awesome!! It was a fun/scary/suspenseful history lesson in a way. And since history is not my favorite subject this was really cool to listen to. Here is a photo of the guys outside, we couldn't take photos inside, so you'll have to take my word that is was really cool :) 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-51After that extravaganza we were starving! So we came across a pizzeria, but along the way we found some telephone booths, so inevitably we had a little photo shoot :) and THEN it was off to food! One of the things I have noticed in London is most pizza places don't cut your pizza, you have to do it yourself...why? I have no clue.


Finally our last stop of the day was the London Bridge! We were tired and our feet hurt, but it was totally worth it! The bridge is amazing!! The architecture is stunning and I love that they allow people to drive across it still! 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-131 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-134 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-137 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-141 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-142 2014_LondonWeek1_bs-147It was probably one of the longest days of the trip, but so totally worth it! And of course there is no better way to end the day then a selfie in the tube station (that took us 45 minutes to get to...) 2014_LondonBlog_bs-49This day was one of my favorites for a couple of reasons. First, it was actually sunny and not raining...HUGE plus! It rained for 5 days straight so some sunshine was much-needed :) Second, the atmosphere was awesome! It was so nice to just walk around listen to the awesome bag pipes and just take in London's beauty. It was one of the most beautiful things I have seen!